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Langshan chickens
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Araucanas are best known for their coloured eggs, from blue through to green to olive-green, which are small to medium in size.  Araucanas can go broody and make excellent mothers.

Legbars are autosexing, which means the chicks can be sexed at hatching by the colour of their down.  They were developed as a commercial egg layer in the 1930s from the brown Leghorn and Plymouth Rock.  They have a good feed to egg conversion ratio, laying a large egg for a medium sized bird.  These chickens like to fly so are well suited to farm life.


Langshans have a good feed to egg ratio, laying a large egg for a medium sized bird and rarely go broody, so are well suited to uninterrupted egg laying.  

Legbar hen

New Hampshire

New Hampshire.  

Colours: Lavendar (pictured), Black


Broody: Yes


Eggs per week: 5


Egg colour: Green/ blue


Sexed at: 18 weeks old

Colours: Black


Broody: Rarely


Eggs per week: 6


Sexed at: 12 weeks old

Langshan egg

Colours: Gold


Broody: Sometimes


Eggs per week: 5-6


Egg colour: White


Sexed at: 1 day old

Colours: Standard


Broody:  Sometimes


Eggs per week: 5-6


Sexed at: 12 weeks old

New Hamp egg

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Adult Breeders

Adult Breeders


Adult Breeders

Black Langshan

Adult Breeders



Colours: Silver Grey




Eggs per week: 


Sexed at: 

Adult Breeders

New Hampshire chicken Araucana adult chickens Aracana adult chickens 2 Araucana black hen Araucana Lavendar hen Dorking hen Dorking fertile eggs