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Mailing of Fertile Eggs

Roosters and Unwanted Chickens

Most Council areas in Melbourne do not allow roosters.  Change in personal circumstances can mean chickens can no longer be cared for, or you may not be in a positon to keep a chicken that is no longer laying.


Craig's Farm will take roosters and chickens, they can be delivered any time during our opening hours.


What happens to Roosters or Unwanted Chickens?

No chickens are killed at Craig's farm.  Where possible homes are found.  Pure breeds roosters are easier to find homes for than cross breeds, as breeders can be looking for replacement roosters.  Chickens that are healthy and laying are easier to find homes for than those no longer laying, or with a health problem.  Roosters and chickens we cannot rehome are taken to market.


We do not offer a collection service, swap, or provide payment.

Barred plymouth rock chook for sale


Eggs can be colleted Saturday any time from 8am to 5pm


Appointments can be made for other times by calling (03) 9008 7223.



Postage of eggs is offered.  However, fertility of eggs cannot be assured as handling during delivery cannot be controlled.  For this reason, pick-up of fertilised eggs is preferred.


Express postage and handling     1 dozen eggs = $25,   2 dozen eggs = $35,   3 dozen eggs = $40,   4 dozen eggs = $45


Eggs purchased for posting will be posted on Monday.  


Orders for eggs may be placed by email ( or telephone (03) 9008 7223 /0438537758.

Pre-payment is required and can be made by direct deposit or credit card over the phone.

Pick-up or Postage

Breeding Birds

Gold laced Wyandotte Leghorn Black Ancona Andalusian

Ancona  (Black, Red)

Red Ancona



Langshan (Black standard, blue standard, black bantam)

Belgian d'Uccle

Australorp (black standard & bantam, blue bantam)

Orpington (buff standard)

Wyandotte (gold laced standard & bantam, silver laced standard, bantam mixed colours, bantam white)

Leghorn (Black, Brown, Exchequer, White)


Pekin bantam


Black Langshan Blue Langshan Rooster Black Leghorn Brown Leghorn Exchequer Leghorn hen Exchequer Leghorn White Leghorn 2 Orpingtons Pekin Silky Rhode Island Red

Sussex (light standard, silver standard)

Rhode Island (red standard, white standard)

Plymouth Rock (barred standard, barred bantam, black standard, columbian standard, white standard)

Express post Red Ancona 2 SP Wyandotte Bantam Wyandotte Bantams Mixed Gold laced Wyandotte bantam Silver Laced Wyandotte Gold laced Wyandotte 2 Exchequer Leghorn 2




Blue Langshan


Photos to come:  


Photo of black bantams to come:  


Plymouth Rock

Photo to come:  


Photo of bantam white to come:  


Silky 3


Welsummer Welsummer rooster


Photo to come:  


Photos to come:  



Maran (french wheaten)

Photo to come:  


Campine (silver)

Plymouth Rock White Rhode Island White Araucana

Jap Bantam

Belgian duccle mille Belgian duccle porcelain Campine Silver Jap bantam Minorca

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

We offer postage of eggs and have been posting eggs Australia-wide for a number of years.


We have found the best success by individually wrapping each egg as shown in the following video.  However, we cannot control handling during delivery, so very occasionally get breakages.  It appears this only happens with very rough handling, like the box being crushed.

Eggs are posted using Australia Post - Express Postage


Eggs are mailed on Monday, unless otherwise requested.  

A tracking number will be provided.

Postage and handling cost:


1 dozen eggs = $25

2 dozen eggs = $35

3 dozen eggs = $40

4 dozen eggs = $45

In our experience most packages arrive Tuesday or Wednesday

- Victoria (all areas) and most areas in NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and SA usually arrive Tuesday.

- Remote areas and WA and NT usually arrive Wednesday.

- Remote areas in WA and NT can arrive Thursday.

This is our usual experience, but there can be exceptions.  


We have found this to be fairly reliable.  We have not had a package go missing.

Orders for eggs may be placed by:

- email (

- telephone (03) 9008 7223 /0438537758.

- facebook


Payment can be made by:

- credit card over the phone

- direct deposit


We do take egg orders, but payment will not be accepted until the eggs are available and ready to be posted.

Packing of eggs and Delivery Times