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Can be used as dual purpose birds.

Medium / Large Pure Chicken Breeds

Barnevelder Chicken

Barnevelder Chicken are a well known breed that lays a large brown egg, which can be speckled. For this reason they are popular with those wanting attractive brown eggs. They are double laced gold, so have lacing like a Wyandotte, although not as prominent, but are a better layer and less likely to go clucky. They are a Dutch breed, so are bred for colder weather. For this reason they are one of the first pure breeds to start laying each season and are popular in Tasmania.

  • Colours: Double laced gold
  • Broody: Sometimes
  • Eggs per week: 5
  • Sexed at: 8 weeks old

Barnevelder hen Barnevelder Barnevelder egg

Faverolle Chicken

Faverolle Chicken.

  • Colours: Salmon
  • Broody: Sometimes
  • Eggs per week: 5

Faverolle hen Faverolle adult chicken

Maran Chicken

Maran Chicken.

  • Colours: French Wheaten, Brown
  • Broody: Sometimes
  • Eggs per week: 5
  • Sexed at: 12 weeks old

Brown Maran hen Brown Maran Breeders Maran egg

Welsummer Chicken

Welsummer Chicken Welsummers are lay a medium sized egg and can have a longer laying season than other breeds. They chickens can go broody and make good mothers. Welsummers are bred primarily for egg laying, but are a fast growing breed, so the roosters could be used for meat.

  • Colours: Standard
  • Broody: Sometimes
  • Eggs per week: 5
  • Sexed at: 8 weeks old

Welsummer Welsummer chick 2 Welsummer egg Welsummer Welsummer rooster

Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandotte Chicken (pronounced wine-dot) are one of the breeds we are asked for most often – due to their appearance and high profile online. They are a poorer layer than most of the breeds we keep and very likely to go broody. However, they have a longer life and longer laying life as they don’t lay as much each year. The gold laced and silver laced Wyandottes are very popular due to their striking appearance. These are often sold as fertilised eggs, day old chicks, or at 8 weeks, when are old enough to go outside, meaning we rarely have supply of these at an age when they are old enough to join an established flock. We plan to increase numbers for future seasons. We occasionally are able to source older birds and list on the website under ‘Chickens available’ when we have them. White Wyandottes and silver pencilled Wyandottes are less popular than the gold laced and silver laced Wyandottes, as they are not well known and the white Wyandottes are less striking as they are all white.

There are other Wyandotte colours we do not keep, such as red laced and blue laced, because they are not recognised breeds and not true to type.

  • Colours: Gold laced, Silver laced, Silver Pencilled, White
  • Broody: Often
  • Eggs per week: 5
  • Sexed at: 8 weeks old

Gold lace wyandotte chicken for sale Wyandotte Silver laced laying hen Silver Pencilled Wyandotte hen White wyandotte hen Gold Laced Wyandotte chick GLW egg Gold laced Wyandotte Silver Laced Wyandotte Gold laced Wyandotte 2 Silver Pencilled Wyandotte hen Silver Pencilled Wyandotte breeders White wyandotte hen White Wyandotte breeders

Craig's Farm Chickens for sale Melbourne fertile eggs hatching Victoria
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