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Please bring a box, or cat carrier, to take your chicken/s home


Due to the large number of breeds we keep, information has been arranged by chicken size (6 pages) for pure breeds and a page for commercial layers/ cross breeds.

Chicks, eggs and chickens available will be posted on our facebook. Please like our page if you want to be notified immediately

Selecting a breed

-  Craig's farm provides backyard chickens, primarily for pets and egg laying.  Breeds are selected for this purpose.  

-  Like a dog, selecting the right breed of chicken will depend on your needs and lifestyle.

-  All chickens will be friendly, if handled often and treated well.  Individual chickens may be more friendly or more reserved.

-  Large chickens need more room, consider a small or medium breed if you have limited space in your yard. 

-  Large chickens are less likely to fly than medium chickens, due to their weight, but all chickens will fly if scared or tempted (the grass being greener/ tastier).  Wing clipping and reducing temptation can remedy this.

-  Medium chickens listed are bred primarily as egg layers, large chickens at Craig's farm are dual purpose (eggs and meat)

-  Eggs per week is the approximate number of eggs laid each week, in season, during the first year of laying.  Each year the number of eggs per week will decline, although they will lay larger eggs from the 2nd year.

More information about Selecting a Breed

Craig's Farm Chickens for sale Melbourne fertile eggs hatching Victoria
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