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>Chicken Hatch and Raise Program is suitable for those wanting to hatch and keep the chicks

Poulty Hub The hatching runs for 7 days (eggs provided Saturday to Monday will hatch around Wednesday) - during this time you hire the incubator.

Chicks need to remain under heat for 4 weeks, then inside for an additonal 4 weeks. It is cheaper to purchase the brooding equipment than hire it for this amount of time.

Brooder items can be used for furture hatchings, or to house other animals, such as rabbits

Bookings are required.

This program will not be available out of season (approximately February to August)

Chicken Hatch and Raise Program Hire Equipment

  • 24 egg incubator (transparent, allowing full visibility) (eggs not included)
  • Cost to hire for 1 week = $50
  • Deposit = $150 (fully refundable on return within 7 days)

incubator with eggs

Chicken Hatch and Raise Program Eggs

  • Eggs are for pure breed chickens and have been incubated for 18 days, so are due to hatching in 3 days
  • Eggs are available Saturday to Monday and are due to hatch on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Not all breeds are available every week, see 'fertile eggs' to see the types that may be included.
  • Cost of 18 day eggs (with embryo) = $8 to $12 each, depending on breed

Brooder Items to Raise Chicks to 8 weeks

  • Large Hutch = $118
  • Large Stand with shelf = $62
  • Light fitting with switch = $25
  • 2 x 75W globes = $10
  • 1.3 L drinker = $7
  • 1.5 Kg feeder = $10
  • Brooder items (including stand) = $232
  • Brooder items (excluding stand) = $170

Chicken Hatch and Raise Program Consumables

  • 1 bag of shavings = $5
  • 2 kg of Chick Starter = $5

Shavings and starter

Chicken Hatch and Raise Program Total Cost (example)

  • Incubator Hire: $50
  • 6 eggs at $8 each: $48
  • Brooder items (excluding stand): $170
  • Shaving and food: $10
  • TOTAL = $278 (+$150 fully refundable deposit)

Chicken Hatch and Raise Program Features

  • Pure Breed (not cross breed) fertile eggs with embryo are provided, which will hatch in 3 days.
  • Craig can be contacted during the hatching program to provide expert advice, if required.
  • Craig's farm provides on-going support, both during and after the program
  • Photos of chickens hatched can be sent to Craig to help you identify roosters from around 8 weeks of age
  • Craig's farm will take roosters
Craig's Farm Chickens for sale Melbourne fertile eggs hatching Victoria
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