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Please bring a box, or cat carrier, to take your chicken/s home


>Chicken Hatching Program is suitable for schools/ kindergartens who are not going to keep the chickens at the school/ kindergarten (2 week duration only)

Poulty Hub Hatching programs run for 12 days - from Monday to Friday of the following week for schools/ kindergartens

Hatching program can run for 14 days starting Saturday for those picking up

Total program cost = $199 (+delivery cost - available only to schools/ kindergartens - see below)

Refundable deposit = $250 (on return in agreed time - not required by schools/ kindergartens - see below)

Bookings are required.

Please contact us for a quote or call to discuss your requirements.

This program will not be available out of season (approximately February to August - currently available)

Chicken Hatching Program Supplies included

  • 24 egg incubator (transparent, allowing full visibility)
  • 5 x Pure Breed Fertile Eggs with Embryo (hatching in 3 days)
  • Craig will provide a mix of pure breeds, depending on availability, see list of fertile eggs for types of breeds that may be included
  • Additional pure breed eggs are $8 to $12 each, depending on breed
  • Hutch = 80cm x 44cm x 43cm
  • Stand with shelf
  • Light fitting with switch
  • 2 x 75W globes
  • 1.3 L drinker
  • 1.5 Kg feeder1 bag of shavings
  • 2 kg of Chick Starter

incubator with eggs Shavings and starter

Chicken Hatching Program Features

  • Pure Breed (not cross breed) Fertile eggs with embryo are provided, which will hatch in 3 days.
  • We invite students to email Craig's farm with questions during the program.
  • Craig can be contacted during the hatching program to provide expert advice, if required.
  • Craig's farm provides on-going support to those who wish to take chicks home, relieving teachers of this burden

Chicken Hatching Program Ethical Issues Addressed

Pure Breed Chicks are hatched rather than cross breeds

  • Pure Breed chickens have a longer laying life, so are well suited as pets. However, they do not lay as frequently. This clearly demonstrates seasonality evident in most animals.
  • Pure Breed roosters are easier to rehome than cross breeds as they may be used for breeding. Top quality lines are provided, which means roosters will be suitable breeders.
  • Pure Breed chickens are less prone to cancers and other diseases related to continual egg laying or those bred specifically for meat production.
  • Pure Breeds are bred for a variety of purposes, allowing discussion around the reason chickens are bred with different characteristics. Historically (only 1 or 2 generations ago) these chickens were found in most backyards, with hens providing eggs and roosters providing meat. Allows for discussion around changes in where our food comes from, development of 'meat' and 'laying' chickens and how the treatment of animals for food has changed (e.g. consider what happens to roosters hatched by the egg industry, life of a broiler chicken, what is 'free range', diet and medication of birds)

On-going Support

  • Chicks are yours to keep, but if unable to find homes we will take them (around 50% will be roosters). If a student takes a chick that grows into a rooster, they are welcome to bring the rooster to Craig’s farm.
  • Contact details for Craig's farm are provided to those adopting chicks so they can contact us directly with any questions or problems (a basic care sheet is also provided)

Chicken Hatching Program Operation

Most chicks will hatch around Wednesday, some may hatch the day before and some the day after.

Wait 2 days after the first egg has hatched before opening the incubator, or until all eggs have hatched to ensure the humidity stays constant.

Keep the chicks in the brooder under a heat lamp after coming out of the incubator. Keep the food and water containers filled. The light should be toward one end of the brooder and the food and water toward the other end.

Over the weekend the chicks may be taken home. They can be transported in the brooder, or a small box. As long as the chicks are inside the car, and there is no cool breeze, so they stay warm, they will be fine. They can be left at the school/ kindergarten over the weekend, just make sure the feeder and waterer is full. However, taking them home so they can be supervised is a better option.

Delivery and Invoicing available to Schools and Kindergartens

Delivery / Pick-up is only available to Schools and Kindergartens

Delivery / Pick-up Cost = $1 per kilometre from Craig's farm (google maps calculation)

Schools and Kindergartens can be invoiced and are not required to pay a deposit

Craig's Farm Chickens for sale Melbourne fertile eggs hatching Victoria
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