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About Craig's Farm

Craig's farm is on 5 acres and is part of the 'green wedge' but only 500 metres from new housing estates: the closest being Botanic Ridge.  


Craig has lived in the Cranbourne area all his life.  In 2008 he moved to Cranbourne South, so had the room to indulge his passion for raising animals.  He has been doing this all his life, previously on a residential house block.


Craig's farm is the result of a hobby that has literally 'taken over this life'.  


Free range chickens lamb Brooder boxes

Brooder boxes have been built in for hatching of the baby chickens.

Max, Sam, Louise, Craig and Will


Craig can help you with any questions you have, from 'silly' questions regarding how to get started with your own chickens, through to more serious questions if your chickens are unwell or just not happy.


Will has been working at Craig's farm for 4 years.  He can answer anything you need to know about chickens as he is an avid chicken fancier who was breeding chickens himself before starting work at Craig's farm.  He has outstanding knowledge of the various breeds, care, chicken behaviours and problems and is an excellent chicken sexer.  This year he has also been helping Craig with the construction of new pens, so has learnt to weld, has assisted with design and all other aspects of the build.  If you need any tips on building your coop, he is happy to help.


Louise did work experience at Craig's farm 2 years ago and we couldn't let her go!  She is doing VET Agriculture at school where she also cares for, breeds and shows sheep.  Louise is the first person we call when our sheep are lambing as she is experienced with helping sheep lamb.  She also treats any chickens in need of care and manages the hatching to ensure the best possible success rate.  She is totally focussed on the care and well-being of the animals and manages the housing to maximise chicken health.  She too has an outstanding knowledge of breeds, care, chicken behaviours and problems and chicken sexing.  Louise hopes to have a career in animal care in the agriculture industry.  Her knowledge and understanding of all animals is well beyond her years.


Max, Craig's son, has grown up on the farm and has been involved in all areas of chicken raising as he fills-in whenever this is a need.  He sets eggs for incubation, packs eggs for mailing, cleans pens, answers the phone, serves customers, feeds and waters chickens, helps with construction - anything really!  


Sam is the newest member of the team.  Craig offered Sam job as he knew he was a 'chicken addict' who not only hatches and raises his own chickens, but spends a lot of time researching rare and unusual breeds, as well as having a good knowledge of other pure breeds.  Sam helps Louise with the management of chicken health and loves to discuss all things chicken related.  He also enjoys helping young children with handling and care.


Kim, Craig's wife, also helps out, mainly on the phones, organising the hatching program and fertile egg mailings.

Healthy chickens are happy chickens - and lay the most eggs!!


These pens house our older chickens outdoors so they are able to free range.  

Sheep paddock

The paddocks house our sheep and lambs!  



Meet the team

Nandy, the Nanday Conure, was hand reared by Craig in 2008.  She escaped, but she hung around, sleeping in the shed with the chickens.  She lets Craig handle her, but stays away from most other people and is extremely bossy.

and Nandy (the Nanday Conure)


Chicken pens

Our chickens found the sunflowers a great place to rest and shelter from the sun.  The vegie patch is one of their favourite places to scratch around, or just relax.

Other animals

On the farm


About Craig

Craig Collins has been raising chickens since he was a child, selling eggs to his neighbours for pocket money.  Since that time Craig has kept, bred and hand reared a wide variety of pets, including parrots, pigeons, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish, lizards, snakes and, of course, has always had a dog and cat.  He worked for 7 years in a retail pet store, providing common sense advice on all types of animal questions.

Craig Collins Sunflowers Craig's crew