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Please bring a box, or cat carrier,  to take your chicken/s home


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Wyandotte Silver laced laying hen

About Craig

Craig Collins has been raising chickens since he was a child, selling eggs to his neighbours for pocket money.  Since that time Craig has kept, bred and hand reared a wide variety of pets, including parrots, pigeons, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish, lizards, snakes and, of course, has always had a dog and cat.  He worked for 7 years in a retail pet store, providing common sense advice on all types of animal questions.

Craig Collins


*All photos on the website were taken at Craig's farm, unless stated otherwise

Please bring a box, or cat carrier, to take your chickens home

EFTPOS Available

Fertile egg mixed Product all

(03) 9008 7223

0438 537758

Isa Brown
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Accessories/ Hatching Program/ Other Birds

Muscovy Duck Guinea fowl
Hatching program

Sale price will include all equipment including incubators, hatchers, hutches, lights, boxes, feeders and drinkers, bins, office equipment, other cleaning and vaccination items.  Also included are business items, including website, facebook page, domain name, phone numbers, documentation and bookings.


Most importantly, the methodology and training will be provided.  We will teach the lessons learned over the years this business has been running and provide ideas for future growth.


This is a regretful sale due to separation of the partners and sale of the property.  


Please email us for more details at